Embrace the Thrill with the DJI Avata 2

Posted by Drone Nerds on Apr 11, 2024 1:03:49 PM

With the new DJI Avata 2, you can embrace a new era of FPV flight. With an incredible FPV camera, you can capture mind-blowing 4K footage and create immersive POV content. The new and improved battery supports 23 minutes of flight time, and the Two-Way Charging Hub has a power accumulation function, which transfers the remaining power from multiple batteries to the one with the highest charge level, giving you an "extra battery” when you need it most.

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Next-Level Filmmaking: DJI's RS 4 Pro and RS 4 Take Center Stage

Posted by Drone Nerds on Apr 10, 2024 2:47:57 PM

Taking the next step in camera stabilizer technology, DJI unveils two new products: the DJI RS 4 Pro and the DJI RS 4. They promise to elevate your filming experience with impressive battery life of up to 29.5 hours, support for next-gen native vertical shooting, powerful payload capacities, and much more.

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Unlocking Creativity with the DJI Air 3 Dual-Camera System

Posted by Drone Nerds on Mar 29, 2024 4:41:13 PM

DJI is a pioneer in the world of photography and videography, and with the release of the DJI Air 3, enthusiasts and professionals alike now have another compact and powerful tool for capturing stunning imagery.  Among the DJI Air 3's newest features, lies its dual-camera system, a technological marvel that opens up a world of creative possibilities.

The dual-camera system of the DJI Air 3 consists of two distinct lenses; the primary camera is responsible for capturing high-resolution still images and videos, supporting crisp, detailed footage. With advanced image stabilization technology, this 3x camera ensures smooth and steady shots even in challenging conditions, with an F2.8 aperture and a pixel size of 2.4μm.

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Aerial Photography— 3 Reasons to Use ND Filters

Posted by Drone Nerds on Mar 27, 2024 2:46:57 PM

Drones allow us to capture incredible aerial footage, which leads to fantastic content, from simple photography to cinematic masterpieces. As with any kind of photography or cinematography, the devil is in the details, and mastering the take of a good piece versus a great piece involves understanding the varying nuances of light and composition. This is already hard enough within a controlled environment, but even more so when capturing dynamic content outside in varying conditions. To help bridge that gap, pilots can leverage ND (neutral density) filters to help capture footage in different lighting conditions. Let’s dive into how ND filters can help take your drone content to the next level. 

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DJI Heightens the FPV Experience with the Mini 4 Pro and Air 3

Posted by Drone Nerds on Mar 20, 2024 1:31:41 PM

Experience the excitement of FPV flying in a whole new way! DJI has announced the compatibility of DJI's latest FPV gear – Goggles 2, Goggles Integra, and the RC Motion 2 – with the Mini 4 Pro and Air 3 drones.

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Deep Dive: Osmo Pocket 3

Posted by Drone Nerds on Feb 15, 2024 12:08:01 PM

Can you imagine what a 1-Inch Sensor can do?
A sensor is the heartbeat of a camera, capturing light and transforming it into vibrant images. Now, imagine condensing all the power and precision of a cutting-edge camera into a tiny 1-inch sensor. The physical size of the sensor matters because it determines how much light it can gather, directly impacting image quality, particularly in challenging lighting conditions. The Osmo Pocket 3's 1-inch CMOS sensor, is compact yet robust, with the ability to capture detail-rich images and excel in low-light scenarios.

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Audio Excellence: DJI Mic 2 vs. DJI Mic

Posted by Drone Nerds on Feb 1, 2024 2:18:14 PM

In the dynamic realm of content creation, where high-quality audio is pivotal, DJI has unveiled the DJI Mic 2, an upgraded version of its predecessor, the DJI Mic. With its premium features, including high-quality audio recording, intelligent noise cancelling, and support for 32-bit floating-point internal recording, DJI Mic 2 empowers content creators to produce balanced and detail-rich audio content for vlogs, interviews, livestreams, and more.

Check out some of the enhancements introduced with DJI Mic 2 and the features that set it apart from its predecessor.

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Unleash Your Creativity— 3 Top Content Creation Tips

Posted by Drone Nerds on Jan 31, 2024 4:53:26 PM

Gone are the days when content creation was reserved for professional creatives in fancy studios and movie sets— today, amateurs can unleash their creativity from practically anywhere with just a small action camera or drone. As part of the evolving toolkit for content creation, drones show how technology can amplify storytelling, providing creators with the means to captivate audiences.

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The Best Camera for Me: DJI Action Series Comparison

Posted by The Drone Experts on Jan 25, 2024 3:35:23 PM

How do you define a camera? It's more than just a gadget—it's a bridge between technology and storytelling, freezing moments into lasting memories.

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Discover the New DJI Ronin 4D-8K — The Future of Cinematography

Posted by Drone Nerds on Jan 22, 2024 4:37:04 PM

DJI took filmmaking to the next level with the recent launch of the highly anticipated Ronin 4D. This powerful, next-generation cinema camera was designed and built to be the future of cinematography. An all-in-one 8K cinema camera is now within reach, and imaging excellence is redefined.

DJI’s most advanced technologies have been integrated into one cutting-edge and comprehensive cinematography solution, which offers groundbreaking flexibility to solo cinematographers and unlimited possibilities for coordinated shooting.

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