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2022 Drone Nerds Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by The Drone Experts on Nov 29, 2022 12:05:16 PM

10 Nerds in Your Life and the Best Way to Keep Them Happy This Holiday Season!

The year has flown by, and another holiday season has arrived in a flash. Everyone loves the holidays, but no one wants to be caught without a proper gift plan or having to do a last-minute gift card scramble. Don’t worry; Drone Nerds is here this year to help you find the perfect gift pairings with our guide to identifying the nerds in your life, and the best gift options to ensure you are the holiday hero for 2022!

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Flying a Drone in Cold Weather

Posted by The Drone Experts on Feb 18, 2022 2:06:10 PM

For drone pilots who enjoy flying in lower temperatures, winter is a great opportunity to create breathtaking content – there’s no doubt, it’s one of the most beautiful times of the year. However, flying drones in cold weather has its own challenges, so before going out in the wild, take the time to understand some factors that can impact your drone’s performance. This will help you make the best out of your experience and prevent permanent damage to your aircraft.

Here are the most common mistakes you’ll want to avoid when flying a drone in low temperatures.

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Level Up Your Drone Game with an FPV Drone

Posted by The Drone Experts on Jan 17, 2022 9:00:00 AM

First-person view or FPV drones have completely changed the drone flying experience. If you are a seasoned pilot, you might already be addicted to the unique adventures this type of aircraft can provide. But if you’re just getting started in the drone world, or even if you have already flown a little, you better buckle up and get ready to see a new perspective while piloting an FPV.

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New Year, New Gear: Get Ready to Take Off in 2022

Posted by The Drone Experts on Jan 10, 2022 11:01:57 AM
A new year brings a fresh start. It’s time to pause and reflect on what we have accomplished and begin setting new goals for the year ahead. How great is it to have 365 unique opportunities to achieve new resolutions!

Take this moment to plan upfront and be strategic on your choices, no matter if you’re looking to get back to your traveling adventures, level up your influencer business, revamp your blog, or create breathtaking drone wedding photography this year.

We created a list of tips to help you with your New Year’s resolutions so that you can capture stunning moments wherever you go and reach new heights in 2022:

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2021 Holiday Gift Ideas by Drone Nerds

Posted by The Drone Experts on Dec 9, 2021 12:25:26 PM

The 2021 Holiday Season is Here!

Another holiday season is here, and you have no idea what to give your loved ones, have no time to go shopping, or simply wait till the last minute to buy presents. If you’re reading this, you’re in luck because, at Drone Nerds, we have the perfect gift ideas for every drone nerd. Here's a list with are some of our best:

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DJI Redesigns the World of Action Cams with the New DJI Action 2 Camera

Posted by The Drone Experts on Oct 27, 2021 9:57:13 AM

DJI Action 2, More Than Action!

The new DJI Action 2 camera is finally here. At Drone Nerds, we'd like to give you all the "must-know" information on the DJI Action 2. Therefore, we’re covering the DJI Action 2 camera's design, features, specs, accessories, and prices.

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DJI FPV and the FPV Drone Experience

Posted by The Drone Experts on Mar 18, 2021 10:18:59 AM

It’s not heresy, but it is unusual: The DJI FPV is a first-person-view drone that’s ready-to-fly right out of the box.

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DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ V2.0 with 5.5-Inch Screen: Truly Iconic

Posted by The Drone Experts on Nov 20, 2020 2:07:59 PM

When publishers want to signify that their pages deal with drones, they often use an icon—one that looks like a DJI Phantom quadcopter. Figuratively and literally, the Phantom series is iconic.

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Smart Controller Takes Mavic 2 Pro to New Level

Posted by The Drone Experts on Oct 12, 2020 2:15:04 PM

We already know the Mavic 2 Pro is a world-class foldable quadcopter that’s a delight to fly. And we know its Hasselblad camera with 1-inch sensor and electronic shutter delivers stunning photos and video. But there’s a version that’s even better: the DJI Mavic 2 Pro with Smart Controller.

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The DJI OM 4 Handheld Gimbal

Posted by The Drone Experts on Oct 12, 2020 2:12:57 PM

The DJI OM 4 handheld gimbal for stabilizing smartphone video makes shake-free video affordable to just about everybody. The OM 4 improves on the widely popular OM3. The newest mobile phone grip is easier to use, with quicker magnetic phone mounting and removal, and more preprogrammed photo/video aids. OM 4 has a more powerful motor for smooth movement, and it now supports flashlight mode on your phone.

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