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New Year, New Gear: Get Ready to Take Off in 2022

Jan 10, 2022 11:01:57 AM 6 min read


A new year brings a fresh start. It’s time to pause and reflect on what we have accomplished and begin setting new goals for the year ahead. How great is it to have 365 unique opportunities to achieve new resolutions!

Take this moment to plan upfront and be strategic on your choices, no matter if you’re looking to get back to your traveling adventures, level up your influencer business, revamp your blog, or create breathtaking drone wedding photography this year.

We created a list of tips to help you with your New Year’s resolutions so that you can capture stunning moments wherever you go and reach new heights in 2022:

1. Invest in Your Drone Education

Whether you’re using your drone for recreational or commercial purposes, it is key to understand the drone regulations, so that you don’t get in trouble or put others in danger. Even if you are simply flying for fun, you need to register your drone with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and pass a basic knowledge test (The Recreational UAS Safety Test – TRUST). Remember to carry proof of registration and a copy of your TRUST certificate when flying.

For commercial, government, or any other non-recreational purposes, in addition to registering all drones less than 55 pounds at FAA DroneZone, you must learn the rules and regulations for remote pilots and become an FAA Part 107 certified remote pilot. It is also key to understand how to use different software to help your commercial drone solution succeed.

Editing videos and photos is another essential skill you will want to invest in. If you aren’t an expert yet, start with the basics, take time to practice, and soon you will be amazed by the stunning content you’ll be able to create. The same is true for flying a drone. After becoming familiar with your aircraft, it is essential to dedicate some time to practice if you want to master your drone’s flight controls. Start in a large, open field with low-altitude flights, and progressively move towards more advanced flight adventures in the sky.

2. Understand How to Fly Your Drone Responsibly

When you become a drone pilot, it is your responsibility to understand where it is safe or unsafe to fly. The B4UFLY app, provided by the FAA, is a great tool for pilots to check where they are allowed to fly. The app shows interactive maps and information about controlled airspace, airports, national parks, and other important pieces of data. It can be downloaded for free and is very useful for preflight planning and research.

Understanding essential regulations is also key to operating your aircraft safely. For instance, you cannot fly under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or interfere with emergency response or law enforcement activities. Moreover, it is mandatory that the recreational flyer or the visual observer always has eyes on the drone. It is also important to fly at or below 400 feet in uncontrolled airspace (Class G), and if you’re flying in controlled airspace (Class B, C, D, and E), you will need prior authorization.

3. Plan Ahead

Before you go on your next adventure, make sure you plan ahead, so you can get the best out of your drone experience. Simple factors, like the weather, play a big part in the success of your mission, so don’t underestimate this important step.

Make sure you choose a nice and safe location, double-check if you are allowed to fly in this airspace, and if you will need prior authorization. Remember that there are different rules for each place. If necessary, make extra time in your calendar, so that you’re ready to fly without any delays on your mission day.

It is essential to ensure that your drone is ready to fly. Check its batteries, MicroSD memory card, test if it is working correctly, and gather all the extra accessories you may need.

4. Enhance Your Existing Equipment with New Accessories

Additional accessories may be a game-changer if you want to level up your drone flying experience. Neutral-Density (ND) filters, for instance, will help you reduce the amount of light that enters a camera’s sensor, which gives you the possibility of taking unique shots. Proper bags, backpacks, and cases are essential for the safe and easy transportation of your aircraft.

A lightspeed data cable is an excellent asset if you want to transfer data at high speed to your computer from devices such as the Mavic 3. Additionally, portable chargers and charging hubs will come in handy if you need to charge multiple batteries. Another option is to always carry extra batteries, so you don’t have to wait while your primary one is recharging. Extra memory cards are also helpful when you need to capture video.

Whether you’re just getting started or have years of experience, there are many options to enhance your undertakings in the sky. They usually don’t require a significant investment and will be extremely helpful in taking your flying experience to the next level.

5. Invest in New Equipment

If you are a photographer, videographer, travel blogger, influencer, or hobbyist, using a drone will help you capture amazing content and stand out from the competition. Do some research and check the best options for your needs. There are great aircraft made for every kind of pilot, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced user.

You might be looking for better images, longer flights, or just a brand-new drone. Therefore, do your research, look for experts who can help you, understand how much you will need to invest, and set a goal for 2022. No matter how far you want to go, making this decision upfront and taking steps to reach your goal will help you stick to your resolutions and make this nothing but an epic year.

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