2022 Drone Nerds Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by The Drone Experts on Nov 29, 2022 12:05:16 PM

10 Nerds in Your Life and the Best Way to Keep Them Happy This Holiday Season!

The year has flown by, and another holiday season has arrived in a flash. Everyone loves the holidays, but no one wants to be caught without a proper gift plan or having to do a last-minute gift card scramble. Don’t worry; Drone Nerds is here this year to help you find the perfect gift pairings with our guide to identifying the nerds in your life, and the best gift options to ensure you are the holiday hero for 2022!

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Osmo Action Camera - A Capable GoPro Alternative

Posted by The Drone Experts on Sep 15, 2020 11:18:55 AM

The company that perfected stable video for the masses, DJI, did it on the world’s best-selling drones. But it also has stabilization for recording fun on terra firma and in the water, with the DJI Osmo Action, a handheld, mountable personal activities camera.

Osmo Action works very well, thank you, without the gimbals that tame themovements of DJI’s quadcopters and other Osmo products. As in other personal activities cameras, stabilization is by software.

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