Osmo Mobile 6 Review

Posted by Drone Nerds on Jan 15, 2024 12:22:29 PM

Let’s start with what exactly is an intelligent smartphone stabilizer, and why would you need one. An intelligent smartphone stabilizer, such as the Osmo Mobile 6, is a compact and foldable device equipped with advanced stabilization technology. Its primary purpose is to eliminate shakes and jitters from your videos, ensuring smooth and professional-looking footage.

Imagine trying to record a video of a breathtaking landscape or an action-packed moment with your smartphone. Without stabilization, your footage may end up shaky and unimpressive. The Osmo Mobile 6 addresses this issue by providing a stable platform for your smartphone, allowing you to create visually stunning content with ease. 

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DJI Osmo Mobile SE—Now Available to Help You Create Magnetic Moments

Posted by Drone Nerds on Feb 27, 2023 4:40:00 PM

Be ready to capture the moment whenever and wherever inspiration strikes!

Unfold, snap-in, and start rolling. Osmo Mobile SE's lightweight foldable body and magnetic quick-release design make it easy to carry and capture at a moment's notice.

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2022 Drone Nerds Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by The Drone Experts on Nov 29, 2022 12:05:16 PM

10 Nerds in Your Life and the Best Way to Keep Them Happy This Holiday Season!

The year has flown by, and another holiday season has arrived in a flash. Everyone loves the holidays, but no one wants to be caught without a proper gift plan or having to do a last-minute gift card scramble. Don’t worry; Drone Nerds is here this year to help you find the perfect gift pairings with our guide to identifying the nerds in your life, and the best gift options to ensure you are the holiday hero for 2022!

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The DJI OM 4 Handheld Gimbal

Posted by The Drone Experts on Oct 12, 2020 2:12:57 PM

The DJI OM 4 handheld gimbal for stabilizing smartphone video makes shake-free video affordable to just about everybody. The OM 4 improves on the widely popular OM3. The newest mobile phone grip is easier to use, with quicker magnetic phone mounting and removal, and more preprogrammed photo/video aids. OM 4 has a more powerful motor for smooth movement, and it now supports flashlight mode on your phone.

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Osmo Mobile 3 Combo Refurb Made a Novice Feel Like a Director

Posted by Rick on Oct 12, 2020 2:06:35 PM

When I used the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 to shoot video with a cell phone, I almost felt like I deserved one of those folding canvas chairs that’s labeled Director.

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