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The DJI OM 4 Handheld Gimbal

Oct 12, 2020 2:12:57 PM 5 min read

The DJI OM 4 handheld gimbal for stabilizing smartphone video makes shake-free video affordable to just about everybody. The OM 4 improves on the widely popular OM3. The newest mobile phone grip is easier to use, with quicker magnetic phone mounting and removal, and more preprogrammed photo/video aids. OM 4 has a more powerful motor for smooth movement, and it now supports flashlight mode on your phone.

DJI OM4 (3)

You might have balked at buying a handheld gimbal with a dedicated camera because of the higher cost and the need to carry two cameras—the one in your phone and the one on the gimbal. It’s far more convenient and affordable to purchase the OM 4 handheld gimbal and mount your existing smartphone to shoot stills and video.

DJI OM 4 features:

  • 15-hour runtime
  • Foldable for easy transport
  • Ergonomic handgrip
  • Single-handed, thumb-operated controls
  • Compatible with wide range of iPhones and Android phones
  • Quick magnetic phone mount/dismount
  • Tripod adaptability with built-in ¼”-20 port
  • Photography/videography modes, including time lapse, hyperlapse, motion lapse, panorama modes, and hand gesture recognition
  • Active Track subject tracking, shape recognition
  • Sport mode

Easy To Use

If you use your smartphone to record your active lifestyle, friends or family in video and photos, OM 4 makes the final product better than you could have imagined. Video shot from an OM 4-mounted smartphone is shake-free. OM 4 smooths video even if you walk toward, away from or along with your subject. Capture smooth video while you travel city streets, staircases or a nature trail. Want a panorama of the place you’re visiting? OM 4 can do that, too, or shoot a time lapse, hyperlapse or motion lapse.

OM 4 eliminates shaky video that results from directly holding a smartphone. Smartphones mount easily on the gimbal, and the pistol grip makes control easy. The OM 4 holds a long list of iOS and Android smartphones, including some with multiple lenses. A number of programs enhance video recording, including hand gestures, shape recognition and Active Track subject tracking. Bluetooth makes it easy to sync smartphones wirelessly, and a new magnetic ring makes mounting and dismounting your phone super easy.

You’ll have to affix the magnetic holder to the smartphone to mount the phone on this newest member of the Osmo Mobile family, but otherwise the OM 4 comes ready to shoot. It is not necessary to balance the phone. The motors are strong enough to balance the smartphone automatically.

OM 4 fits in your purse, backpack, or pocket of a jacket or cargo pants. When folded and enclosed in the included storage bag, it tucks conveniently into a vehicle console or glove box. Use it indoors or out, and shoot all day on the powerful internal rechargeable battery. Record with one hand, using the thumb controls on the pistol grip.

You can operate your phone by using the Osmo control pad or by activating and using Gesture Control, which recognizes and obeys the palms-up and arms-raised “V” gestures to start or stop recording or tracking.

Fast-Mounting Magnetic Ring

The new magnetic ring simplifies mounting and detaching a smartphone. An adhesive pad affixes to the phone to hold the magnetic ring in place. To mount a phone to the gimbal, just match the ring mount to the mounting disk on the gimbal. The magnet does not interfere with operation of the phone. You must use a compatible phone.

The phone and OM 4 gimbal sync through Bluetooth. No cables are needed. Once the phone and OM 4 are synced, the DJI mobile phone gimbal will recognize the phone and automatically link to it each time it is mounted.

The ring also allows instant phone removal from the gimbal. The magnetic ring stays on your phone and gets reused very time you mount your phone.

Handgrip Controls

Once your smartphone is linked, as the operator you take over control of the phone through the handset. Use the thumb-operated command pad to tell the gimbal which way to point the camera—up, down, right, left. Switch from portrait to landscape views. Track a subject. Hit one button to capture a still or record a video.

By using the Mimo interface, onscreen commands are easily displayed and applied through the touchpad. That lets you shoot panoramas, switch frame orientation, track a pet or friend, zoom in on a face or detail, and much more.

Tracking, Panoramas, Selfies Included

Active Track makes it easy to lock the gimbal onto a subject and have the OM 4 follow. You can lock onto a subject—yourself, if you like—three ways: With the subject in the middle of your frame, press the trigger; select and track your subject through the Mimo interface; or enable Gesture Control and use hand motion to track and record.

You can also shoot three kinds of panoramas: 3x3, which shoots and stitches nine still photos; 240-degree, with seven photos; and Clone Me Pano, with three photos. A command in Mimo tells OM 4 to save the individual photos from a panorama to the phone.

For longer exposures, such as holding the smartphone for timelapse, motionlapse or hyperlapse exposures, OM 4 can be handheld or tripod-mounted using the ¼”-20 port on the handle’s base. Use either the DJI tabletop-style tripod or any standard third-party full-length or telescoping tripod. You can shoot a selfie while handholding the OM 4, or while using hand gestures with the OM 4 on a tripod.

Business Uses

OM 4 works for businesses too, especially those that need professional-looking video but not necessarily the quality that would come from a more expensive dedicated camcorder, four-thirds mirrorless camera or DSLR. OM 4 elevates smartphone video. OM 4’s gimbal has the ability to cancel out jerky movement on three axes, the same way more sophisticated professional movie gimbals do, and the way gimbals do on drones. It makes cellphone video look like it was shot on more sophisticated equipment.

Real estate agents can use Osmo OM 4 and a smartphone to shoot professional-looking walk-through video of home or business interiors and exteriors. Reporters can capture crime-scene, fire or accident video for news posts. Firefighters can record stable video for use as evidence or in training. Vloggers can get stabilized video for their websites, or for Youtube, Vimeo or Instagram posts. DJs can capture lively crowd scenes or a karaoke singer’s animated performance without the video bouncing around more than the partiers. Any small business that posts how-to videos to promote its products could obtain useful video for a website by using OM 4 and a smartphone.

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