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Drone Photography Tips for Advanced Users

Jun 27, 2022 3:51:43 PM 3 min read

If you have been flying drones for a while, whether it has been professionally or just for fun, chances are you want to take your drone experience to the next level. As an advanced flyer, you have great control over your drone and can maneuver it properly through tight spaces and in changing weather conditions; now you can learn a few tricks to enhance your skills. 


Use camera filters for a better shot
Drones capture incredible video from an aerial perspective. With them, you can create nearly cinematographic-grade footage or film beautiful landscapes from your latest vacation.

You can enhance your footage by using ND (neutral density) filters. You can attach different filters to your drone’s camera depending on the light conditions of the place you will be filming in. The ND filters influence the amount of light that enters your drone's lens without affecting the color of the footage.

While ND filters aren’t necessary to capture great video, using them can definitely enhance the quality of your shots. 

Faster isn't always better for smooth video

Yes, a lot of people think that the faster you go, the better your video will be—but have you ever seen drone footage that makes you feel like you’re on a rollercoaster?

Most drone cameras can capture incredible footage with 24fps, while more advanced models can capture 4k with up to 60fps.  However, you have to give the sensors time to capture the rich detail of their surroundings. Additionally, if you go too fast, you might disturb the stability of the drone during flight, making your footage shaky and distracting. In essence, go slow to capture truly incredible video.

Take advantage of the built-in autonomous modes for great pictures and video

There’s a reason why so many manufacturers have spent thousands on developing or improving AI (artificial intelligence) for newer drone models—with autonomous flights, you can predetermine flight paths, speed, and overall navigation. Autonomous flights grant more control over the aircraft and allow you to capture incredible videos.

AI often goes hand-in-hand with obstacle sensing, which means you can preset your drone to fly through mountainsides to capture beautiful footage without worrying about it crashing.

Depending on the drone or software you have, your photographs will be edited automatically. With smart algorithms, each photograph is evaluated and adjusted based on color, exposure, and so many other details. By using autonomous modes, you create perfectly fine-tuned images.

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